For more than 30 years ROKAMAT has developed special machines for both painters and plasterers designed to make your life easier and increase your profitability.

Rolf Kammerer´s first innovations in 1982 have ra - pidly grown into an internationally successful pow- erhouse of ideas and designs which now holds nu- merous patents. ROKAMAT has long outgrown its initial product port- folio, with ROKAMAT machines being used by carpet layers, tilers, façade and building renovators as well as many other skilled tradesmen and maintenance specialists.

Rolf Kammerer´s vision is one of continuous refinement and expansion of his machines and accessories, both in terms of completeness and range of application.

New products are constantly invented, tested and de- veloped to production stage where appropriate. ROKAMAT has also built up a reputation of reliability for problem solving and special applications.

We hope you will enjoy browsing through our new ca- talogue, regardless whether you discover ROKAMAT for the first time or rank already among the satisfied users of our machinery.

Furthermore we should really thank all our customers for their valuable tips and suggestions leading to im- provements.

rokamat painting plastering tools
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